Go with the flow, but try to make it as positive a flow as possible! Having a positive outlook on life brings many benefits. In this article, we’ll list these benefits for you and provide tips on getting into that positive spiral.

Why a positive spiral is so important

Good for health

Being positive often reflects in your health. Physically and mentally, you feel better. For example, it strengthens your immune system and reduces the chances of getting sick!


Less stress

You experience less stress and cope with it better. You can think more lightly about a stressful situation and what you can do about it without driving yourself crazy.


Improved social connections

It improves relationships with the people around you. Your positive energy attracts other people with similar energy, enhancing the good atmosphere in your surroundings.



There’s no shortage of energy and motivation when you’re optimistic. You’ll be more inclined to take action and pursue your goals.


Increased self-confidence

Positivity boosts self-confidence because you believe in your abilities, leading to better performance.


Mental health protection

Positivity also offers protection for mental health, reducing the susceptibility to anxiety and depression. It makes you less affected by negative emotions.


Your expectation comes true

Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Do you currently feel good and healthy, or are you perhaps in a slump? Setbacks will always happen, but how you handle them determines your mood. Don’t let them get you down; focus on what’s going well. That’s step 1!

This has to do with the self-fulfilling prophecy. In simple terms, it means you act according to your expectations. For example: if you expect not to meet a deadline, you’re more likely to behave that way. If you expect to give a great presentation, the chances of it happening are greater. Your mindset plays a significant role in this!

Ups and downs are part of life, and here’s how to handle them better!

Sometimes, when you feel like a lot is going wrong or you’re in a negative rut, you might seek relief in negative or unhealthy behaviors. This offers temporary relief but is actually just a distraction and not personal growth. Try not to do this!


How happy are you?

How do you feel right now? Answer a few statements and find out how truly happy you are.

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Enjoy fun activities

Doing fun activities with people you care about brings a lot of positive energy! Get inspiration for various types of activities and plan something enjoyable in your free time.

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Don’t worry!

A fun and valuable message to keep in mind when things aren’t going well: you don’t have to worry at all. Why? Watch this video to find out.

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