It’s time for all of the Netherlands to leave the car behind more often and hop on the pedals. Why? Because cycling is simply good for you. Bike to Work Day (May 25, 2023) brings business cycling to your attention in a good and fun way. In this article, we provide you with tips to make cycling to work enjoyable!

A bike ride is the perfect start and end to your workday

Cycling is healthy, has a positive impact on our immune system, boosts our happiness, is good for your wallet, and the environment.

Personalized bike route

No country has as finely woven a network of cycling paths as the Netherlands. That’s great because it means there are many different routes you can take to work.

Use a bike route planner that maps out the best route for you. Do you want a short route or one without traffic lights? You can specify all your preferences when using a bike route planner.

Bike route planner

Plan your own bike route? Visit the Fietsersbond website!

Preparing for bike to work day

The right frame size

When buying a bike, pay attention to the frame size to ensure a comfortable riding position. Calculate the perfect frame size yourself: inseam length in cm x 0.68 = frame size (Note: spread your feet 20 cm apart)


A bike bag or rack

These days, there are a wide variety of bike bags or racks available. Carrying your bag on the bike instead of your back makes your ride much more comfortable.


Rechargeable lights

Safety is paramount while cycling since you’re vulnerable on the road. Make sure you’re visible by using rechargeable bike lights. They’re also more sustainable.


A cup holder

If you leave in the morning and want to take some water with you, a cup holder comes in handy. It allows you quick access to your water bottle, helping you stay well-hydrated during your ride.


Does your employer offer a bike plan? Then you’re in luck!

An employer introduces a bike plan to encourage bike use for commuting. With a bike plan, the employer offers its employees the opportunity to purchase a new bike in a tax-friendly manner. This makes it easier and cheaper for you to get a good bike.