Maintaining quality sleep during irregular shifts can be a challenge, but it’s even more important to prioritize your health and well-being. In this article, we provide you with tips that can help you sleep better with an irregular work schedule.

What do irregular shifts do to your body?

People who work irregular hours unconsciously disrupt their biological clock and sleep an average of one to two hours less than those with regular work hours. Disrupting the circadian rhythm increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, accidents, and mistakes. We provide you with tips that help minimize the disturbance of the circadian rhythm.

Here’s how to sleep better!

Sleep like a log

Use Earplugs

During irregular shifts, you often sleep when others are awake. This can result in more noise than usual, making it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, get earplugs to shield yourself from ambient sounds.


Opt for Blackout Curtains

When purchasing curtains, ensure that they’re blackout curtains. This prevents external light from entering your bedroom. Minimizing light exposure can help keep your biological clock balanced.


Use an Eye Mask

To block out light, you can also use an eye mask. This has the same effect as blackout curtains. An eye mask ensures a good night’s sleep, contributing to a positive energy level during your working hours.


Ensure a Comfortable Bed

Invest in a comfortable mattress and choose bedding that suits your preferences. A well-supportive mattress can make a difference in how refreshed you wake up.


How’s your sleep quality?

Sound sleep is crucial for a healthy brain. That’s why the Brain Foundation has developed the SleepCheck.

Take the sleep check!


Dreamland yoga

These yoga exercises are perfect for reducing muscle tension before going to sleep, simultaneously calming the mind.

Try these 7 yoga poses


Relaxing sleep meditation

Sleep meditation aids in the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is crucial for your sleep quality and a healthy circadian rhythm.

Fall asleep peacefully with this meditation

There are indeed effective ways to ensure that you sleep well before starting your workday or night, making you feel energetic and motivated to tackle the tasks ahead.