Who doesn’t know the thought: “I have no motivation, so it won’t work.” Annoying, but remember that you can do something about it! Motivation is not something you either have or don’t have; it’s something you can create. We’ll explain what motivation is and how to stimulate it, so you can discover what drives you to work!

What is motivation?

Motivation is a reason for behavior, driving you to take action. You do things because you have a specific goal in mind. To achieve this goal, you sometimes need to do things you don’t particularly enjoy. Motivation enables you to do these less enjoyable tasks even when you’re not in the mood for them.

Types of motivation

There are different types of motivation that stand in contrast to each other. The main types of motivation are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Stimulate motivation with the 5-minute rule

It happens to all of us: you have something to do that you’re dreading, and you end up procrastinating. Where does this procrastination come from? When you have a big task ahead, it can make you feel uncertain. We don’t like feeling this way, so a spike of the stress hormone cortisol triggers our mental defense system. This leads to mental blocks that prevent us from tackling the task.

To avoid blocking, you can break down the big task into smaller parts. To truly motivate yourself, you can apply the 5-minute rule: work on one small aspect of the big task for five minutes. It’s not a long time, but that’s okay. By giving yourself the freedom to stop after these five minutes, you can easily get started. The trick is that afterward, you’ll feel proud that you’ve begun the task, triggering the release of dopamine in your brain. You’ll feel so good that you might want to keep working. This way, you’re motivating yourself to tackle a big task.

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